January  4th 2022

Happy New Year, everybody. I hope you are well. 

First bit of news is that my brand spanking new novel will be self released in the first half of 2022. More details will follow soon.

March 16th 2021

The new novel, Wild Hunters, published by Horrific Tales, is unleashed worldwide April 30th 2021. Prepare for war!

Released World wide April 30th!!

Wild hUNTERS cover.png




22nd September 2020

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that I have signed a contract with the well respected Horrific Tales Publishing for the release of my new Military survival Horror entitled WILD HUNTERS due for release 2021.

Also, expect an exclusive short story to be released via TERROR TRACT Magazine in the near future.

As always, when there is more information I will post here. thanks for the support during these crazy times.


12th April 2020

Greetings everybody. Firstly I hope you and your families are safe and well during these crazy times., hopefully, you are managing to stay out of harms ways and sane. I would like to give a HUGE shout out to all frontline workers putting their lives on the line. THANK YOU!

Right then, what else is new? I have completed my new Military Survival Horror and it has been submitted, so now the dreaded waiting period. Currently weighing up my options for the next project. Two thrillers as well as a traditional horror.

As always, I shall keep you all updated regarding titles, artwork and release dates once everything is in place.

In the meantime, support authors, leave reviews and help spread the word!

Stay Safe!




5th February 2020


Greetings people. Its has been a tad crazy as of late so I apologise. Currently 40000 words into new Military / Survival  Horror and loving it!. Plenty of action, explosions, monsters and of course a twisting fast-paced plot More details will be released once I have definitive info. As always, Cheers for the support 



11th December 2019

No title. No context, A very brief snippet of what to expect from my new military survival horror due for release 2020. Enjoy :)

'It wasn't a church the men entered. It was a warzone. The once heavy front door now decimated, its remnants littering the floor, blown to pieces by the grenade's detonation. The ceiling directly above the archway ablaze, the flames licking at the rotting beams and plaster. The ageing Marine scanned the scorched brickwork, coughed and sucked in a ravaged breath, the acrid smoke choking the air around him. He waved a hand in front of his face and quickly surveyed the area, his gaze momentarily lingering on the otherworldly swarm now crashing through the gaping aperture, a ravenous wall of gnarled flesh, teeth and claws'





17th November 2019

Just a quick update. I am starting to look at Convention dates and events for next year. As soon as dates are confirmed I shall, of course, put up all relative information just encase you guys wish to attend.




28th October 2019


Here it is folks, my brand spanking new website. It is run by me and nobody else, so you know whatever goes up here is correct and up to date. Feel free to have a look around and drop me a mail with any questions. All my books are available via Amazon worldwide or direct from me. Signed copies are available and can be paid for via Paypal. I will try and keep it up to date and of course, bring you all the latest gossip. I will be adding more to the site as we go along.

 Cheers for the support